Apr, 2024
Apr, 2024

About us

The Convent of Cefalu

The Past

The religious order of the Collegine Sisters was founded in 1700 by Cardinal Pier Marcellino Corradini. His work for the poor was not that of humiliating alms, but that of helping man to help himself.

The congregation has never taken refuge in closed schools, but rather has always been present in the social context with a formative action with the work of the colleges, aimed at the growth of a female conscience as a foundation for the ethical and cultural development of Sicily .

Antique photo of the Collegio di Maria di Cefalù terrace and swing with the children

The Present

Today, fortunately, the society has achieved such well-being as to overcome the emergencies of the past. In the old convent, completely renovated, the Sisters of Cefalù host tourists who wish to spend their vacation days.

We are in front of the sea and the sandy beach and about 700 meters from the train station and one kilometer from the port of Cefalù. If you want to try something different than the usual hotel without giving up all the comforts, we will be happy to have you as our guests at the Convent of Cefalù.

The terraces of the Convent have the most beautiful view of Cefalù